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Where’s the Fun?

Can I share a secret with you? Life is supposed to be fun. At least that’s the way I feel. I don’t think that life is supposed to be un-fun. That may not be a scientific term, but we all know what I mean. Fun is something different to each and every one of us because we are all very different from each other. Fun doesn’t have to mean action and adventure. Fun can be a dumb board game with friends on Friday. Whatever fun is, it simply has to hold an appeal to you, the person who is living your life day in and day out.

I don’t mean that there aren’t going to be un-fun times in your life or that there isn’t a time to remove the distractions, focus in, and do what needs to be done even if that isn’t fun, but I mean that the things in your life that are enjoyable to you should remain enjoyable to you.

None of my writing comes from a standpoint outside of myself. Everything I write comes from my own expertise on Kyle. I’d say I’m the foremost expert in the field but my wife has me way more figured out than I do. But I’m still one of the top two in my field and I write out of my own experience.

Today, I was driving down a scenic road and listening to a TED Talk. I tend to be a huge nerd so do this with caution-but you should go to YouTube and type in TED Talks and chose a topic you like. These people are great presenters with some incredible information to share. I’m listening to this TED Talk on making exercise goals attainable and achievable.

I don’t keep it a huge secret, but I do crossfit. I enjoy it. I even compete in it and have met some of the greatest friends in the world through my competitions and interactions. But please don’t solely read this as a crossfit topic. This is for anything and everything. It could be exercise or work related. It could be family and friends or hobby and culture related. We all see things differently and the message that you hear will partly be shaped by my words, but it will also partly be shaped by how you process those words.

The TED Talks presenter mentioned that they have always been taught to make exercise fun. He went on to make a bit of fun of the idea in a humorous sense and I realized something that has had a massive impact on my immediate mental state (which has been in an unfortunate rut these last few weeks). I had lost the fun in one of the parts of my life that has begun to define (in part) who I am-my exercise. I truly and genuinely enjoy exercising. Even in the pain and suffering of a killer workout I found joy-until recently.

There was no rhyme or reason as to why. One day I was tired, walked into the gym with a sour attitude and from that day until today I’ve been constantly trying to make up ground on some invisible, imaginary person that is always in front of me. Always better than me. I lost the idea that my exercising was for me and made it about someone that didn’t exist. I had created a shadow of a person in my mind that didn’t have to eat and sleep. Didn’t have to get his kids dressed and to school on time. Didn’t have to go to two different jobs.

I had lost the fun. Exercising was my release from stress. Now it was my stress.

Until I was driving.

It’s very hot today in Texas, but when you are in an air-conditioned car you can appreciate how beautiful of a day it is. I was driving over a lake with people skiing and a bright blue sky with white puffy clouds outlined in a shimmer from the sunlight. As I came over the dam I was driving on I got a great look down on a huge park to my right that I used to run the trails on and just enjoy being in nature. For some reason that picture made me realize how much stress I have been putting myself under to achieve a goal that I work toward for fun. It doesn’t pay the bills. It doesn’t bring me any recognition of note. It’s biggest impact on my life is the people I interact with through Crossfit events and gyms.

I don’t do well when my life isn’t fun. Fun to me isn’t being the best or the smartest, it’s not always achieving or always working, it’s simply enjoying where I am and who I’m with. I do that more often than not, but I am prone to letting these get away from me.

So remember to ask: Where’s the fun? It’ll keep you sane. It’ll keep you happy. It’ll keep you moving. Life doesn’t have to be a rat race. Make that maze fun and you’ll be amazed in the transformation that takes place.

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  1. Very good! We could use about 5 million more people like you who believe in Fun!

    “Being busy” is today’s obsession. Almost a “religion”.
    To hear some folks talk, you’d think that if your not constantly engaging in productivity or achievement, that you are nearly a sub-human wretch.

    And the sad part is, even when these “achievers” are away from work and have free time, they can’t seem to relax. Nope, they are “busy” and “still have a ton of stuff to do.” They miss out, badly.

    When was the last time they quietly read a book (not a how-to or work-related anything) at 11pm? When was the last time they went to a theatre to see a COMEDY movie? When was the last time they got peaceful by sitting in the car or truck on the side of the road with the engine off and just relaxed while listening to the rain on the roof?

    When was the last time they sat on a driftwood log at the Beach with the fresh misty ocean air and watched a gorgeous Sunset? They are missing out. They are losing Joy.

    May I never be that busy.


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