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I’ve lost my keys and probably my marbles

Typically I write to share something encouraging, uplifting, or comical. Today however, I write because of an entirely selfish reason…I have lost my keys.

It’s not just that they are lost. No no no…that would be too easy. I tend to be a bit absent minded so I lose things all the time and, for that reason, I’ve gotten really good at finding things. It’s a bit of a dubious honor but I’m so good at finding things that my wife doesn’t even look anymore, she just tells me something is missing and I can find it in about 2 minutes (now that I put that down in writing I feel like more of a trained canine…well played Tiffany).

I’ve been looking for my keys for about 15 hours now. These things aren’t just gone, they have disappeared to another dimension and it’s driving me bonkers. We’ve been moving for the past several days (I’m sure you’ll hear more about that soon) so we’re all a bit fried. Last night everyone in my house besides myself was asleep by 7. Oh yes, out cold at 7pm. I stayed up to 10:30pm even though I was exhausted myself because who can pass up 3 and a half hours of peace when the last 96 hours have been full of pure, unadulterated chaos!

Even through all that I knew exactly where my keys were. I knew where everything was. I could tell you what was in what boxes and what rooms those boxes were in. Now I can’t find anything. I can’t find the cups, the silverware, the towels (honestly how many drawers are in this house???) and now I can’t find my keys. I can find anything, just not my own keys.

The worst part is that I’m sure they will turn up in the most innocent, unexpected place imaginable once I finally give up looking. But if I give up looking with the expectation of finding them have I really given up at all? It’s a cruel game of fate and chance that we are playing here.

But I’m writing this for a completely selfish reason…writing helps me relax. It helps me find the ridiculousness and humor in life. I specialize at those two things typically, but sometimes I need to be reminded about the humor in everything.

So shoot me a message if you find a set of keys with a Lego Captain America keychain. I’m sure they are laying right next to my sanity.

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