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30 Seconds of Motivation

I want you to stop for 30 seconds.  Seriously, set a timer that dings or buzzes so that you don’t have to break your concentration.

For 30 seconds I want you do one thing for me.  I want you to think about 2 people that love you and support you.  Even if you’ve had an argument with them lately, even if you haven’t seen them lately, even if they live on another continent! Support and love doesn’t follow the rules of junior high relationships!

Then I want you to think about one thing you’ve accomplished recently.  Did you lose 3 pounds? Awesome! That’s an accomplishment even if it’s only a piece of your goal.  Maybe you finished a book, faced a fear, even went diet instead of regular…your small steps are still worthy of reflection and celebration.

Now to wrap it up…

Think of one thing you want to accomplish.  What are you striving toward, working for, hoping for. Maybe this is a goal that drives you…great! let you past success fuel you even more.  Maybe this is a daunting task that looms over you and casts a shadow on all your thoughts…that’s ok because it happens to all of us.  But we do that because we forget how much we have done already.

Let the idea that you are supported and that you have succeeded before drive you to succeed today.  Miles are covered by people who take one step at a time.  Succeeding one day at a time is success.

30 seconds: 2 people that support you, 1 things you’ve accomplished, 1 thing you want to accomplish.

It’s your reset of the afternoon, evening, week…doesn’t matter.  Put your worries, your stress, and anything else that distracts you away for only 30 seconds and then come back to reality with the knowledge that you have support and you have succeeded!


Set that 30 second alarm…

turn off the radio…

walk into that other room that is quiet…


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