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More than a Competition

(Original Post Written Saturday January 27)

Today I am competing at The Fittest Experience and I won’t be blowing anyone away or winning any big money, but I don’t compete for that. I compete for the same reason I coach, minister, and write. I compete to encourage and inspire. Today I’m wearing a lime green sweat band and a blue wrist band. It’s not for fashion, they obviously aren’t fashion sensible, but what they represent is important.

The sweat band represents mental health awareness. Many won’t know what the color represents, but if someone knows and they see me competing I hope they know that I compete for them. That if they know what this sweatband means they will be inspired because someone out there goes through what they go through and takes the floor to show that we are more than the things that plague us.

The blue wristband says WWIW…it stands for What Would I Want. Too often we allow ourselves to attempt to influence the emotions and reactions of others by bending our will to what we think they want. In doing so we minimize the importance and value of ourselves. You are important. We are strong. 


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