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You’ve got to go to the Skate Rink

For the first time since I was in 7th grade I spent this afternoon at the skate rink. My kids are starting to get to the age where they go to the roller rink for birthday parties so it looks like I’ll be there quite a bit.

Just for fun, here’s my thoughts from my first trip back to the roller rink in 21 years:

-It’s still disgusting renting those roller skates when you keep in mind how sweaty you are when you finish skating.

-I’ve already got my spot picked out for when my daughter gets old enough to participate in “couples’ skate”. It has a clear view of all parts of the floor, has easy access to the floor in case I need to make a quick entrance, and is far enough away from the floor to at least give me 2 seconds to think about what I’m about to do.

-My wife is terrible at air hockey. She played against one of our friends…the game (to 7 points) must have taken 20 minutes. It. Just. Kept. Going.

-My son is something else. He’s 6 and, while holding my wife’s hand and “skating” he was jamming and trying to dance.

-Wife: “Buddy, are you dancing?”

-Son: “Yeah, I’m just doing some moves.”

(Unfortunately he dances like his daddy…so his main moves consist of the occasional dab, the head bob, and beating his chest 3 times like King Kong)

-I never knew how tiring it was to walk circles around a skate floor holding up a 4 year old little girl that has no clue how to skate. I’m not sure what’s more sore: my feet, my back, or my shoulders.

-My friends don’t appear to like me very much…they all kept trying to get me to skate. It’s taken me 34 years but I have begun to learn my limitations.

-When I look at my wife in a skate rink I realize that I still feel like a teenager looking at the girl that has stolen my heart. I guess the atmosphere reminds you of things like that.

The basic lesson here: do something unusual with your family that pulls you back to a fun time from your past. You’ll have more fun than you expected.

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