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The Unseen Battle

The deepest wounds are those that you can’t see.  They are often hidden by a smile, a laugh, or constant activity.  Sometimes these even hide what’s going on from ourselves.  We do our best to cover them up but hiding what’s going on in our minds and souls only serves to tighten the chains that restrain us.  Mercedes Nicoll’s story is unique, but not uncommon.  Dealing with the injuries, dealing with emotional loss, and dealing with uncertainty can mix to form a concoction that many of us have to deal with.  Continuing life “as normal” seems foreign and strained.  Before long we may not even feel like ourselves anymore.  Our actions, outbursts, and emotions seem to be counter to our ideas of our identity; counter to who we know we are.

However, like Mercedes, our journey doesn’t end there.  Life as usual is no longer life as usual…but it moves forward.  We seek help and redefine our identity.  We search who we are and once again seek out the “why” behind why we do what we do and what we devote ourselves to.  Mercedes began to emerge from the fog that seeks to restrain so many.  I hope you’ll read her story in the link below and be encouraged.

Seek help.

Redefine your identity.

Pursue your passions.

In her own words: Mercedes Nicoll’s fight against depression

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