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Encourage and Inspire

I started this blog because I seek to do two things in all my interactions. One, I want to encourage. Two, I want to inspire. That’s the vision that I have for my life; to encourage and inspire. It may seem like a vague vision, but look at why I have developed this thought. I think too often we go around this world feeling beat down and just trying to make it through each day. How often do we wake up with a sense of excitement? That’s a fitting question now that we’re getting close to Christmas. I have this picture in my head of young kid so excited for the next morning to see what Santa has brought that they can’t sleep (that was me for about 5 straight years). But that doesn’t really translate to the adult world anymore, does it? It’s not just that we have responsibilities that prevent most of us from being able to stay up all night, but when we begin to look at jobs, taxes, and bills we begin to see a world that tends to be based on responsibility and devoid of excitement outside of the moment to moment pleasure that we can generate through vacations, presents we give ourselves, tv shows, or a funny meme.
I think in life there’s supposed to be a certain excitement that goes with waking up each morning. I see this mainly through my faith. Each day is a day to experience what it is that God has created and experience what it is that we have surrounding us. It doesn’t mean that every day is going to go perfect and it doesn’t mean that nothing is ever going to go wrong (believing these things would be an incorrect view of Christianity overall and the Christian life). I’m not naïve, I’m not asking people to look forward to the hard times and the struggles. But I am saying that I think the good times encompass far more than what we give them credit. I believe good times are more than a day or two where we have something special happen, get a promotion, or take a vacation. I believe good days are even the things that we tend to put in between good days and bad days. Those days where nothing went wrong, but nothing was “awesome” either. A day that we wake up, eat breakfast and go to work is a day to experience the life that we have created and the life that God has surrounded us with.
Even with all the turmoil, all the problems, and all the wrong that tends to surround us I believe that truly enjoying life is more of a choice then it is a result. That’s why I write. I’d like to encourage and inspire people to enjoy what’s going on around them. Often times this looks like directly into situations involving depression and anxiety both on an everyday, functional level as well as to the degree of the disorders of these two. That’s something that has been laid on my heart very heavily since I began struggling with these issues in my own life. I think there’s a lot more people out there in this world who don’t know how to handle what’s going on in our hearts and what’s going on in their minds. This causes us to be self critical, to withdraw, and sometimes to engage in antisocial and even destructive behavior. These things begin to eat away at our identity and affect who we are. It sucks the life out of life…
That’s why I write, that’s what I’m passionate about. We don’t have to have the same view of trudging though life; just trying to survive today to do it all over again. Sure there will be difficult days, days we are just hoping to make it out alive, but I don’t believe that has to be the entirety of our lives. I think there’s more hope out there than what we’re willing to admit.

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